Friday, 2 September 2011

Free at Last, Thank God, Free at Last

As of 1 September, my membership of the BNP expired. Not a moment too soon, what with the sheriff knocking on Nick Griffin's door and most disgracefully, a family business destroyed because of the deliberate non-payment of debts.

I really can't afford to be associated with this sort of thing, it is personally damaging. I hope others will see the light as well.


Mark said...

I was once a member too. Despite really wanting to believe that they have an answer, I just don't trust them enough.

Interesting to read your words about Barnbrook too.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I too was a member of the BNP for five years and watched the party rise and fall like Reggy Perrin. I was about to re-join out of desperation when I saw the Nick Griffin pre-election video... and also noticed all the big guns had had either been fired or forced out... and changed my mind.
It's a pity, as I am now convinced the whole rise and fall was engineered and that Griffin has never really been on our side, but has really been a thorn in it. It has proved Nationalists can organise themselves if nothing else... and I hope we can tap into this again in the future.

Signed Viewfinder33

jao7 said...

I am a life member I feel like I am paying penance. I suspect NG will not be found guilty af any crime, as the political class knows NG is the best weapon they have against Nationalism in Britain. He will continue to drag our party into the ground for many years to come.