Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cecil Rhodes: A New Perspective

Cecil John Rhodes (5 July 1853–26 March 1902) was an English-born businessman, mining magnate, and politician who won fame not only for being the wealthiest man in the world, sixth Prime Minister of the Cape Colony in South Africa, founder of the diamond company De Beers (which today still controls around 40 percent of the world diamond trade) and British Imperialist of note. Rhodes was also the founder of the country which became known as Rhodesia.
This remarkable book details much of Rhodes’s life which is often hidden from public view: his racial policies, which were firmly based on racial segregation; his ardent desire to seek conciliation and peace with the Boers, whom he regarded as of the “same race” as the British, and his support for Irish nationalism under the banner of European unity.
Completely reformatted and illustrated. P/B 64pp.

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Moester said...

I'm going to read this book. I'm an ardent admirer of Cecil John Rhodes and i wish his and John Ruskin's dreams would of come true.