Sunday, 26 August 2012

Cutting Edge African Medical Breakthrough Announced

A cutting edge treatment for migraines has been discovered in West Africa, from voodoo witchdoctor M'eetum Bones.  The breakthrough treatment's success was captured on camera, and we are proud to be able to show readers "Dr" Bones, his assistant and the lucky patient.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable medical breakthrough!! I love the intense attention from his apprentice. What blessings diversity brought to the west.

Anonymous said...

Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 2011; 55(4) : 295–296
Guest Editorial
When in 2002 Michael Brunet of the University of Poitiers announced his
discovery of Sahelanthropus tchadensis, the oldest yet hominid fossil, the
conventional theory of evolution was somewhat challenged (1). First of all,
this fossil had been unearthed in the West African nation of Chad, not in the
East African rift valley where the cradle of mankind had been thought to be
(1). Secondly, the 7 million year old fossil showed more modern features than
some much younger fossils, suggesting multiple species of hominids had
existed, overlapping in time, and so human evolution might not have occurred
in neat stages, each stage following the next before it (1).
The idea began to gain ground among some anthropologists that the
different species of men evolved independently in strains similar but totally
independent of each other (1).
This suggests that there are multiple species of men, just like there
are multiple species of apes, penguins, dogs, bees and finches. Man was
no exception to Nature’s way of creating varieties of each kind of creature
In a sense, this idea is not entirely new. Anthropologists have always
divided and subdivided the human race. The white race has subdivisions such
as the Nordic and Alpine. Even the first European explorers to Africa could
tell there was a difference between the tall Masai of East Africa, the short
Pygmy of Central Africa and the Khoisan of Southern Africa, who like the
Chinese had an epicanthic fold over his eye.
Do the Yorubas who presently live in Western Nigeria have a different
origin from other Negroes ? Certain evolutionary developments have been
observed in Yorubas which are not taking place in other black Africans.
These developments include mutations in genes controlling mannose, and
hair formation and patterning (Keratin cluster near 17q12 and FLD6). Apart
from this, it had long been noticed that the Yorubas have the highest incidence
of dizygotic twins among all the people of the earth (2). As if these were not
enough, Yorubas suffer from a peculiar type of sickle cell trait, different from
the type of sickle cell trait that affects other native Africans (3).
If type of abnormal hemoglobin may be regarded as a proof of the diversity
of mankind, the following information is revealing :
Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 2011; 55(4) : 295–296
296 Guest Editorial Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 2011; 55(4)
Abnormal Geographic spread
S (sickle cell) Non-Yoruba native Africans showed
three (3) independent mutations as
evolved at Senegambia, Cote D’Ivoire
and Congo/Cameroon.
C Yoruba Negroes arose in Nigeria
O Arabs arose on Arabian Penninsula
D Indians and Pakistanis arose on
Indian subcontinent
E Asians from Thailand, Malaysia,
Indonesia, Vietnam and Laos.
Arose in South East Asia

Fishman said...

Ja well, he might have a slight hearing loss....

Anonymous said...

How many hundreds of years of education and aid? Slow learners, perhaps. Hilarious!