Saturday, 15 December 2012

Demographics, Destiny and European Survival Strategies

Within the space of a week, two important racial population demographic data sets—for the U.S. and the U.K.—have been released which have underlined the urgency of finding a real, practicable and lasting solution to the question of long-term European survival.

The first data set came from Britain, where the racial demographics from the 2011 census were released. They showed that those identifying themselves as “white British” were now a minority in London, the capital city, and had plunged as an overall percentage of the population by over 7 % within the space of a decade.
In addition, the cities of Leicester, Slough and Luton are also outright non-white majority occupied, and the cities of Birmingham and Manchester are not far behind.
While some of this loss has been made up by a small influx of Polish immigrants, this incoming stream is not enough to ward off the long term consequences of this Third World immigration invasion.
The white British decline is going to be influenced by three factors:
- A projected decline of at least 7 percent every ten years;
- A (typically Third World) high natural reproduction rate or already present Third World immigrants and their descendants; and
- An aging white population which has fewer and fewer children.
These three factors combined make it inevitable—barring a political earthquake—that Britain will become majority non-white in around thirty years’ time.
The second data set to appear was a special report on racial demographics issued by the U.S. Census Bureau. These figures revealed that whites will no longer be a majority in U.S. by 2043 and that the white component of America’s population has already dipped below two-thirds (to 64 percent).
More importantly, however, was the news that currently, 45 percent of what is known as the K-12 school population group (those in the formal 12 year schooling system) are currently non-white, and that this figure will become an outright majority within just six years, or 2019.
After that, the racial demographics will have passed an exponential tipping point, and within the next two generations, whites will have declined as an overall percentage of the U.S. population to what will rapidly become a tiny minority—once again, barring a political earthquake.
There is plenty of evidence that the U.K. and U.S. scenario is also playing itself out in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Scandinavia, and even many parts of Germany.
These are the political and racial realities with which all Europeans who are concerned about their race’s demise, must deal. It helps little to fantasize about taking power or extra-parliamentary means of resistance when the very core audience to whom this message is being addressed, is rapidly vanishing under a Third World tidal wave.
The time has come for a complete change of strategy and thinking if anything at all is to be rescued from the oncoming disaster.
That plan is obviously—as the answer has actually always been—the creation of a white heartland in which the core of the European race can be preserved no matter what else happens elsewhere.
This is, as this site has pointed out earlier, a measure which the Jews have taken to ensure their ethnic homogeneity and continuity.
It is a lesson which Europeans will learn, and put into practice for themselves—or be utterly destroyed.
After an initial suggestion made in private to a number of leading figures in the pro-white movement, the article “Nova Europa—An Idea Whose Time has come” was floated on the internet.
That article called for a seminal work to be completed, and then the project to be formally launched.
After more discussions, it has been decided—or rather mandated—that Ostara Publications will continued to promote the project as an alternative survival strategy for the European people.
This does not mean that it is in conflict with any other strategy—be it participatory politics or extra-parliamentary routes—but rather that the idea and concept of a European homeland be developed as a project on its own, as an alternative solution.
As a result, the seminal work is now under preparation. Look out for it, titled Nova Europa: European Survival Strategies in a Darkening World. Publication date will be early in the New Year.
This work will outline the idea, the strategy, the practical steps and the end goal of creating a European heartland.
It is intended to follow this up with an international conference on the topic. The details of this conference will be announced in due course.
It is intended that this conference will establish a steering committee, and develop projects to help realize the project in practical terms. This will not be another talking shop, or meet, greet, eat and retreat. There is no time left for such ventures any more.
This is a mission quite unlike any other that has been attempted in European history, and one which, at last, will offer a beacon of hope for beleaguered white people around the globe.
Stay tuned.

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