Sunday, 21 April 2013

What’s with these Lunatic “Conspiracies” all the Time?

No sooner had the dust quite literally settled on the tragic Boston marathon bombing, than the conspiracy lunatics were out in force.

It seems as if their absurd “9-11 missiles hit the Pentagon” fantasies and the equally insane “Sandy Hook shootings didn’t happen” stories weren’t crazy enough. Now people are sending me bullshit about mysterious “contractors” dressed in “uniforms” at the scene, all carrying black backpacks.

Some loon posting on the site “Global Research” (whatever that is) has posted a long diatribe about the “contractors” seen at the Boston marathon.  “Who were they? What were they and the FBI doing” the crackpot writes.

One of the pictures they are using is below, showing the “contractors” allegedly moving about the area.

This–and something apparently put out by Alex Jones’s Infowars (thankfully I haven’t seen it and don’t want to) has sparked off the conspiracy nuts. I have now even seen someone saying that the “amputations” suffered by victims of the blast were fake as well, and that the Chechan brothers involved in the Boston manhunt were somehow set up or were “false flag operations.”

I can cry when I read this drivel. What the hell is wrong with people that they must believe—and circulate—this drivel?

A child of ten with Google could have told them who the mysterious “contractors” are—they are National Guard Civil SupportTeams (CSTs) who are at almost EVERY big public event. Each U.S. state and territory has at least one of the specially trained National Guard response teams.

Members of the New York CST team were in fact dispatched to Boston on the Friday before the event, and were scheduled to be in place at the Marathon on the Monday.

Here is a picture of the CST team, taken shortly after the blasts at the Boston marathon finish line, in which their identification is clearly visible.

Why was the FBI present so quickly on the scene? Why, because the event was in midtown Boston, and the FBI offices (Center Plaza, Boston, 02108) is literally 8 minutes away from the road where the bombing took place. You expect them not to come?

As to the claims that the “amputations were fake” and that the whole thing was a “false flag” operation—it’s just too pathetic to even reply to.

As the New Observer so succinctly put it: the real reason why the Muslim world is pissed at the US is because it correctly perceives America as doing Israel’s dirty work for it in the Middle East, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.  This in turn allows Islamists to incite extremists to attack America and Americans to “take revenge” on the infidels.

How much more simple can it be? Or is the simple truth too straight forward for the conspiracy cranks to bear?

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Anonymous said...

While it's true that the internet is rife with conspiracy entrepreneurs, those like Alex Jones whose livelihood depends on the sensationalization and paranoid questioning of every public event, it's also true that governments, through their chronic dishonesty and systemic crimes against the citizens, have only encouraged a generalized distrust of government activity.

With regard to 9/11, even if one dismisses outright the idea that the event was an "inside job", too many unanswered questions remain for the circumstances of the attack to be considered a totally settled matter. The U.S. government, whether in the Gulf of Tonkin incident or the buildup to the invasion of Iraq, has repeatedly utilized fraudulent claims to justify military aggression and enrich defense contractors. The patently phony story circulated about a YouTube video sparking the attack on the Benghazi consulate is only one of the latest in an unending series of fabrications foisted on the people - all of which has resulted in an understandable appetite for the conspiracy theories of alternative media.

Jeff Riggenbach of the Mises Institute delivered a good talk on the subject of the value of the questioning of official narratives: