Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Indo-Europeans: A Documentary

A great video made by a friend of mine.


Josh said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I've just started reading March of the Titans, and I have just been blown away. It's a great feeling to have pride in one's ancestors, and it's something I never had until recently.

The anti-European establishment in the West wants us to believe that white people are bland and mediocre. They always say that white people have no culture, that our history is only something to be ashamed of, and that white pride is evil and baseless. That's why we need to be "enriched" by the "vibrant" cultures of non-whites. Well, now I know better. Our ancestors were great, we come from a noble people. Our ancestors' accomplishments shine forth with a brilliance that can never be extinguished.

Middle Child said...

I have read the book March of the Titans as well and was amazed at the history which has been hidden from us.

Anonymous said...

Arthur, I wanted to draw your attention to a great article over at counter-currents publishing by Ted Sallis called "Racial Purity, Genetic interests, and the Cobb Case." Very good stuff, I think you'll find. Also, after watching the video on Whites making it to South America thousands of years ago, it got me thinking, do you think the meso-indians bound their skulls to look more like us?