Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Moving Epicenter

There can be no doubt that the epicenter of "Western Civilization"--or, rather, that which can be salvaged from it--is rapidly moving to Eastern Europe / Western Russia. It will be the last stand, where the survival--or not-- of the European people will be finally determined.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps for Europeans Eastern Europe will be THE place to be. Certainly those countries are still very white.
In the United States, I believe the Pacific Northwest through the Northwest Imperative will be the answer for many white people in America.

Anonymous said...

Interesting articles on Russia by Igor Artemov:



Your thoughts Mr. Kemp?

Anonymous said...

Another battle in history for whites. Have faith because the root of a plant can split stone and concrete so it may live.

Odin son said...

One thing I know about European-Americans is that if and when they do wake up........ the Earth will shake. For a people with such a mighty past to lay dormant while everything their ancestors died for, gave their lives for, is slowly, right before their eyes, being destroyed and taken from them. That's the most disturbing thing for me. Our people are morally disarmed. My decendents will not say the same about me or theirs about them. Wake up people and walk in the path of our mighty ancestors! Wake up!